New Next-Gen Xbox Report May Spell Trouble for PS5

A new report about the next-gen Xbox may spell trouble for PlayStation and the PS5. The latest [...]

A new report about the next-gen Xbox may spell trouble for PlayStation and the PS5. The latest report about the next iteration of Xbox claims that this August Microsoft will reveal the Xbox Series S, a companion console to the Xbox Series X that will be a less powerful and cheaper version of the latter. That said, it sounds like while the console will be noticeably less powerful and impressive than the Xbox Series X, certain elements of it will still be more powerful than what the PS5 is cooking with.

According to the report, which comes way of The Verge, while the Xbox Series S won't be as technically impressive as the bloated Xbox Series X, it will come packing the same exact CPU speeds. In other words, despite being pitched as the inferior, cheaper next-gen Xbox, it will be utilizing a faster CPU than the standard PS5. And this isn't good news for the next-gen PlayStation console.

While the casual consumer won't care or even know about the CPU differences between the two consoles, it may cause some PR headaches for Sony. And of course, may lure some more engaged consumers away from the PlayStation console. It's one thing for the Xbox Series X to be packing more heat, but if the Xbox Series S is more powerful than the PS5 in certain measurements, that's not good.

That said, overall the PS5 will still be the more powerful machine, but it ultimately won't be the most powerful console on the market. That title will belong to the Xbox Series X. However, it remains to be seen what the PS5's superior SSD leads to.

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Of course, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. While the source in question has proven reliable in the past, nothing here is information of the official variety.

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