Resident Evil 4 Director Comments on Possible Remake

After releasing remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3 over the past two years, Capcom is [...]

After releasing remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3 over the past two years, Capcom is reportedly said to next be giving this same treatment to arguably the most beloved entry in the series, Resident Evil 4. While this information hasn't been confirmed, the creator of the original game has now weighed in with some thoughts of his own.

In a new interview with Variety, Shinji Mikami, who was the director of Resident Evil 4 and a handful of other entries in the series, was asked about what he thinks of Capcom's potential remake. While Mikami didn't comment extensively on this potential game, he seemed pleased with how Capcom has carried things out with their past RE remakes. "They have a good formula of taking the IP and using it in a routine way to create revenue and that's a very good way for increasing business," Mikami said. He also went on to say that no one at Capcom has currently reached out to him about the project in any capacity.

For now, there's still not a ton that we know about the remake of Resident Evil 4. Previous rumors have indicated that Capcom's new vision for the game might include some new story content that wasn't seen in the original, but this obviously has yet to be confirmed. In addition, some previous actors who have been associated with Resident Evil in the past could be returning for this installment. Other than that, not much else has surfaced about this RE4 remake other than the notion that it should be releasing in the future.

On the positive side, it shouldn't be long before we have more Resident Evil in our lives. Capcom is set to release Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC at some point in early 2021. New screenshots for the title actually just released earlier this week and the game as a whole continues to look very promising. Based on some leaks that occurred last month, it also seems as though Village could be releasing relatively early on in the new year.

While there are still more questions than answers related to RE4, it shouldn't be long before Capcom has more to share about the franchise. For more on the series, you can follow all of our coverage on all things Resident Evil right here.

So how do you feel about a remake of Resident Evil 4? Is it something that excites you, or would you prefer to see Capcom work on something else? Give me your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to let me know.