Resident Evil 9 Accidentally Listed Online Alongside Several Rumored Remakes

An inadvertent online listing may have given us our best look at Resident Evil 9 yet.

Over the last few weeks, rumors about the future of Resident Evil have been flying fast and loose. We've heard that Resident Evil 9 was being announced soon and then learned that it might've been delayed internally. There have also been rumors about upcoming remakes of everything from Resident Evil 0 to Resident Evil 5, but Capcom hasn't provided any official word about what's coming. Hopefully, that'll change soon as we get closer to the gaming summer events in June. Adding even more credence to that line of thought is a new online listing on Play Asia featuring what appears to be Resident Evil 9's placeholder cover and subtitle.

Resident Evil 9: Revenant Shadows Play Asia Listing

(Photo: Capcom)

The Play Asia listing for Resident Evil 9 claims the subtitle is Revenant Shadows. Obviously, this could be a placeholder subtitle that Capcom could change, but it's our best idea of what RE9 will be. The listing also includes a short description. Again, this is probably placeholder information, but it's worth taking a look at because of what it might be hinting at.

The item description reads, "Resident Evil 9: Revenant Shadows is the latest installment in the iconic survival horror series by Capcom. This game continues the chilling legacy with a fresh story, new characters, and the return of familiar faces. Set in an expansive, terrifying world filled with new threats and mysteries, Revenant Shadows blends intense action, intricate puzzles, and the atmospheric dread that fans have come to love."

There are a few things to glean from this. The first is the rumors about returning characters like Leon Kennedy coming back into the fray might be true. The listing doesn't tell us which "familiar faces" are coming back, but we at least know that a few fan favorites will be involved in Resident Evil 9. The other big detail is that RE9 will feature an "expansive" world. Fans who have been paying close attention will remember leaks claiming the next game would feature an open world. This listing seems to confirm that detail, though you'll want to take all of this with a hefty grain of salt.

Next Resident Evil Remakes

The intrigue doesn't end with the Resident Evil 9 listing. Play Asia also has listings for PlayStation 5 versions of Code Veronica, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 5. It's unlikely all of those projects are remakes, so we might be getting a remaster of RE5 from Capcom. However, it's worth noting that the most recent rumor claimed RE5 was not in active development, with the team instead focusing on remakes of Code Veronica and RE0. Hopefully, Capcom will reveal more over the next few weeks to clear all of this up for fans.