Rust Surprises Players With New Gameplay Feature

Rust has surprised players with a new gameplay feature, which hasn't been added yet, but will be live soon. Over on Twitter, Alistair McFarlane, a producer on the game, relayed word that Work Carts are now available in Staging and will be fully released into the game on March 4 alongside the game's monthly content patch. And according to McFarlane, they create a rail network that connects to most monuments in the game.

Right now, many of the finer details on the feature are scarce, but McFarlane did reveal screenshots and video of it in action via the tweets below. That said, while it remains to be seen how much this addition will impact and improve the game, it's an addition that fans are celebrating in the replies to both tweets.

As for the rest of the March 4 update, we are still awaiting more details on what it will come packing. We know it will add Work Carts, but we don't know much else about it.

Of course, as more official information on Work Carts and the March 4 update are provided, we will update the story accordingly.

Rust is available via the PC and the PC only. The game is being ported to Xbox One and PS4 as well, but right now, there's been no word of when these versions will release.


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