Skate 4 Release Date Will Be "Soon" According to EA CEO

Electronic Arts has said that the latest entry in the Skate franchise, which many fans are unofficially referring to as Skate 4, should be launching quite soon. First announced back in 2020, EA confirmed that it was finally embarking to create a fourth Skate title after years of requests from fans. And while we have yet to see what Skate 4 will actually end up looking like, the CEO of EA has dropped some rather major hints this week about the game's structure. 

In a recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson brought up Skate 4 as a title that will lean heavily on UGC (user-generated content). Wilson said that the latest game in the Skate series, at its core, will rely on " the ability to create your own content and put it into that ecosystem". He also then happened to passively mention that Skate 4 will also be launching at some point in the near future, but declined to offer up any further specifics about when it may arrive. 

"Again, it's been at the very center of The Sims for a long time," Wilson said of UGC. "It's at the very center of mode like FIFA Ultimate Team and Madden Ultimate Team, to the very center of the design of Skate, which we'll be launching soon."

To know that Skate 4 could be releasing quite soon is very intriguing since, as mentioned, EA hasn't even shown off formal gameplay from the title yet. Not to mention, Skate 4 has only been in full development for about one year at the time of this writing, which means that work on the game is surely still in the early stages. That being said, if Skate 4 is going to lean heavily on content that comes from users, perhaps this could explain how the latest entry in the franchise could be coming about sooner rather than later. 

When do you think we could actually see Skate 4 hitting store shelves? And what are your thoughts on the game as a whole based on how Wilson has described it? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.