Star Wars Figures Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con Hint at New Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Feature

Some new Star Wars figures were revealed this weekend by Hasbro during San Diego Comic-Con, and while some of them are callbacks to classic characters and newish series like The Mandalorian, some of them were from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order once again features Cal Kestis as the protagonist, so it makes sense then that he'd be the one immortalized in the new figures alongside his droid companion BD-1. Aside from just showing off the character's new look in the upcoming game, this figure reveal just may be hinting at a new feature that'll be present in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, too.

In case you didn't see them when they were revealed previously, the figures in question were shared over on the Star Wars site. The DiscussingFilm Twitter account compiled a look at them as well which can be seen below to get an idea of what Cal looks like in the new game as well as some additional droids that we'll see in Survivor.

Cal's naturally got a lightsaber alongside BD-1, but the Jedi character also has a blaster holstered at his hip. While Cal took plenty of shots from enemies in the first game, he didn't actually use a blaster himself. Unless this is just a stylistic choice to give Cal a blaster and to round out the Star Wars look, this prop accompanying the figure may suggest that we'll see Cal using blasters himself in Survivor which would mean we'd see shooting mechanics implemented for the first time.

If that is to be the case, it brings about several questions regarding how this mechanic might be implemented. Fallen Order and presumably Survivor are set in a third-person perspective, so it reasons that the shooting would be done from that view as well. We see occasionally a more zoomed-in perspective whenever Cal uses Force powers like Force Pull to bring in objects and enemies before pushing them away again, so that will likely be what the blaster usage looks like if it's implemented.

Another pressing question is why he would need that weapon anyway. Armed with lightsabers and Force powers, he was plenty equipped enough to get through the first game, so it remains to be seen how a blaster would be incorporated into his arsenal assuming that's even the plan.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does not yet have a release date even though some leaks may have pointed to one possibility.