State of Decay 3 Revealed During Xbox Series X Event

Microsoft and Undead Labs announced the next chapter in the State of Decay franchise this week with the reveal of State of Decay 3. The State of Decay 3 reveal came after we saw more of Halo Infinite and some of Microsoft’s other games being created by its first-party studios. Following State of Decay 2 that came before it, this next State of Decay game will come to the Xbox consoles as well as the PC platform and will also be part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription, though we don’t yet have a release date for it.

The cinematic trailer shown above gave us a first look at State of Decay 3, though it wasn’t immediately obvious what the game was like some of the other reveals during the event. A lone survivor in the woods scaring off threats could’ve been any game, but the undead animals seen at the end of the trailer solidified what the game was even before the State of Decay 3 logo was shown.

Over on the official State of Decay Twitter account, the team confirmed that the new game is currently in “active development.” It also highlighted the zombie deer aspect of the trailer which, if that’s any indication of what’s to come, means we’ll see plenty more threatening zombified animals whenever State of Decay 3 releases.

While we don’t yet have an in-depth description of what the game will be like or even an overview of how it’ll be different from past games, we can look to older installations to see what the State of Decay franchise is like. It’s all about surviving a zombie apocalypse, finding resources where you can, and building a team of companions to help you along the way.


“The dead have risen and civilization has fallen,” read a description of the State of Decay 2. “Now it's up to you to gather survivors, scavenge for resources and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world – a world where you define what it means to survive in this ultimate zombie survival simulation.”

Other reveals from the event included the major focus put on Halo Infinite, Microsoft’s flagship game planned for the Xbox Series X. We also saw a first look at the new Forza Motorsport game showing off the power of the next-gen console. If you’ve been keeping an eye on Everwild, we got a new look at that, too.

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