New Steam Leak Spoils Big Game Reveal

A new steam leak has spoiled a big game reveal from Paradox Interactive, the developer and publisher behind games and series like Crusader Kings, Cities: Skylines, and Europa Universalis IV. When it comes to strategy games -- especially grand strategy -- they are some of the best in the business, but because they largely track only in strategy games, they are primarily unknown to many console gamers. Steam users need no introduction to them though, and it looks like they are about to reveal a new game. 

According to the Steam database, Paradox Interactive is either developing or publishing a game called Surviving the Abyss, which sounds like it could be a survival management game based on Paradox Interactive's previous games. However, while we have the title of the game, this is all we have. 

The game being added to the Steam database not only leaks the game's existence but suggests it's not very far away as if it was it wouldn't already be getting a Steam page. If the game is about to get a Steam page it's likely because it already has, at least, a release window.

All of that said, for now, remember this is a leak. This is not straight from an official source, which means it should be taken with a grain of salt for the meantime. As for Paradox Interactive, it has not commented on any of this nor the speculation it has created. And the same goes for Valve, the owner of Steam.

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H/T, Insider Gaming.