New X-Men Game Details, Release Date Revealed

WizKids has provided fans with some new details about their upcoming game Marvel: Rock, Paper, Heroes. The new game will feature the X-Men and will feature players trying to reach the end of a Danger Room simulation that's unlocked thanks to the use of specific hand symbols, which are inspired by the classic playground game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Players score points by clearing various kinds of obstacles in the Danger Room, with the game ending when one player reaches the controls of the Danger Room. Marvel: Rock, Paper, Heroes will be released on September 22 and will have a retail price of $19.99. Marvel: Rock, Paper, Heroes is made for 3-4 players and takes about 30 minutes to play.

Marvel: Rock, Paper, Heroes is one of two recently announced X-Men-themed games coming soon from WizKids. The other game, Age of Heroes: X-Men, is a resource gathering game in which X-Men are deployed to various locations in order to defeat villains. That game will be released sometime in 4Q 2022. Other Marvel-themed games recently announced by WizKids includes the Damage Control game, which is a deckbuilding game in which players need to choose whether to lock away special items in a vault for victory points or use them in the field to uncover more items.

Marvel had a busy GenCon, with several other games announced by other companies. Most notably, Fantasy Flight Games announced a Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R. game and several expansions to its Marvel Champions card game. Upper Deck also has plans to expand its Marvel Legendary line-up with a major expansion focused on Marvel Studios movies.