Xbox Series X Gameplay Event: How to Watch The Live Stream Online

Xbox’s big event showcasing Xbox Series X gameplay is scheduled to begin this week on May 6th, and since everything’s being done digitally, tuning in to see what’s planned is as easy as visiting your favorite streaming or social media platform. There’s been some talk of what to expect from this event as well as some things we know will be there, but one thing is expected above all else: This event should be a big one. It’s the first grand presentation of gameplay from numerous Xbox Series X games and kicks off Microsoft’s Xbox 20/20 series of presentations, so expect there to be some big reveals to get people hooked.

First announced around a week ago, it was later confirmed that the Xbox Series X gameplay presentation would bring viewers trailers as well as gameplay presentations from games planned for the Xbox Series X. The full rundown of games to be shown isn’t known, so expect some surprises.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Xbox Series X gameplay event that kicks off the Xbox 20/20 series from the time that you can tune in to watch it to what to expect from it.

When/Where to Watch?

To watch the Xbox Series X gameplay presentation, you’ll want to tune into the next episode of Inside Xbox. It’s scheduled to take place on May 7th at 8 a.m. PT, so be sure to be there right when it starts so you don’t miss anything.

The links below will take you right where you need to go to see it when it’s live.

What Can We Expect?

From the way it sounds, quite a bit. Only Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been confirmed to make an appearance at the event, but other games from third-party publishers who will have their games on the Xbox Series X will be present as well. There’s been talks (mainly hopes) of games like FromSoftware’s Elden Ring making appearances, but not much has been confirmed.

Trailer and gameplay presentations are a guarantee though. There will also be confirmations of more games that’ll utilize Xbox’s Smart Delivery service. The trailer at the top that teased the presentation also gave a first look at the next console’s boot-up sequence, so the event may have more info on the console itself along with the games.

What Won’t Be There?

If you’re hoping to see more Halo: Infinite during the Xbox Series X gameplay event, you’ll be disappointed. Microsoft’s first-party games won’t be part of this event, so rule out anything that’s made by one of the Xbox Game Studios teams.

Those games will be featured later in June during an event where Microsoft will showcase its first-party games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently said the production of these games is the company’s “bigger unknown” in terms of coronavirus impact, though no delays or substantial issues with first-party Xbox Series X games have been announced.


What’s Xbox 20/20?

Seeing new gameplay from the Xbox Series X is always welcome, but what’s the deal with the Xbox 20/20 umbrella that looms over the event? Xbox 20/20, Microsoft said, will be a series of celebrations of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox brand overall that’ll take place throughout the rest of the year. Think of them like Nintendo Directs where you’ll get the latest on everything Xbox each month.

The gameplay presentation set for Thursday will be the first of these Xbox 20/20 events. Xbox Series X, the Xbox Game Studios teams, the future of Xbox Game Pass, and more are all on the table for future events.

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