Xbox Live Games With Gold Free Game for October 2021 Potentially Leaked

One of the free games coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers via Games With Gold for the month of October has potentially leaked. Despite it already being September 22, Xbox hasn't revealed Xbox Live Gold's free games for the month of October. This may change as early as tomorrow, but it may not change until next week. That said, in the meantime, one of the free games in question may have leaked, courtesy of Microsoft itself.

The leak comes courtesy of Reddit, but more specifically via an official Xbox server, which, for some reason has an image of Hitman 3 with an Xbox Live Gold banner. Of course, the knee-jerk reaction to this from many is to assume this is related to Games With Gold, and this is a reasonable assumption, but it's also possible this is part of Free Play Days. In fact, there's a much higher chance it's part of Free Play Days, which routinely makes games free-to-play for a limited time. 

HItman 3 was just released this year and is one of the year's biggest releases, so it's hard to imagine Xbox has managed to lock it down for Games With Gold, especially once you consider the fact that Games With Gold has almost exclusively had lackluster lineups each and every month. Meanwhile, Free Play Days regularly features more notable and newer games. 

It's also possible this is some type of glitch or error. While not as likely, it has happened in the past, and it's important to keep in mind as a possibility. 

At the moment of publishing, neither of the implicated parties, Xbox and IO Interactive, nor anyone associated with either, have commented on this leak and the speculation it has created. When and if this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, take everything here with a grain of salt.


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