18 Xbox One Games Mysteriously Removed From Sale in Huge Delisting

Not one, not two, but 12 Xbox One games have been mysteriously removed from sale from the digital Xbox One Store. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear why these 18 games have been removed from sale, but it's presumably due to some type of technical glitch or error. Whatever the case, if you're on Xbox One, you can no longer buy the following games: The Station, Marble Void, Electronic Super Joy, Mekazoo, JumpJ et Rex, Q*bert REBOOTED: The XBOX One @!#?@! Edition, Monkey Pirates, SlashDash, Gemini: Heroes Reborn, Cubikolor, Past Cure, Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX, Pix the Cat, Gemini Heroes Reborn (DE), Frizzy, Mystery Castle, Tetrobot and Co, and Gear Gauntlet.

As you can see, none of these 18 games -- and counting -- are very notable, but it doesn't make their sudden disappearance any more excusable. Meanwhile, while the games can no longer be bought via the Xbox One Store directly, codes can be acquired through third-party sellers. The problem is these codes aren't working. Meanwhile, if you own any of the games but don't have them downloaded on your console, they can't be redownloaded. 

At the moment of publishing, Microsoft hasn't addressed the mass delisting. That said, we expect this to change, especially if this is due to an error or a glitch. If/when this comment comes, or when the games are restored to the digital storefront, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things Xbox -- including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, and speculation -- click here or, alternatively, check out the relevant and recent links listed right below:

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