Microsoft Responds to Xbox Series X Overheating Reports

This week, reports and scuttlebutt surfaced about a possible overheating problem for the Xbox [...]

This week, reports and scuttlebutt surfaced about a possible overheating problem for the Xbox Series X. Addressing these reports, Microsoft assures that Xbox fans have nothing to worry about and that the console outputs a similar about heat as the Xbox One X, which hasn't had any serious overheating problems since it arrived on the market back in 2017. Not only this, Microsoft ensures the console remains quiet during this whole process.

The response doesn't come way of a Microsoft PR spokesperson, but via Aaron Greenberg, the GM of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, who squashed the reports over on his personal Twitter account when a fellow user asked if the console is running hot.

"The console will output system heat out of the exhaust, just as any other console will,' said Greenberg. "Our engineering team confirmed the heat leaving the console is not significantly different than Xbox One X. This matches my experience at home quiet, fast & impressive power for the size."

Of course, when Greenberg says "quiet, fast, and impressive power," take that with a grain of salt. After all, he's responsible for the console's marketing. However, if Greenberg says the console is quiet and doesn't have a temperature problem, there's no reason to doubt this. In other words, while reports have revealed the console can emit its fair share of heat, it's apparently nothing that's going to alarm or harm players.

At the moment of publishing, Microsoft has not commented on any of the aforementioned reports beyond Greenberg's statement. If it does, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

The Xbox Series X is set to release on November 10, priced at $500, and accompanied by the $300 Xbox Series S. For more coverage on both next-gen machines and all things Xbox click here or check out the relevant links below: