Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 About to Be Revealed?

Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 about to be revealed? Amidst rumors that the first Nintendo Direct of 2022 is happening soon, there's reason to believe a reveal of the next Xenoblade Chronicles game is imminent. Out of nowhere, Monolift Soft has updated and renovated its official website. This could be a routine revamp, but there's more to the speculation than just this.

Last month, composer on the series Yasunori Mitsuda relayed word that he's been working on a project that will be announced in February. Now, Mitsuda is a prolific composer, so this could be teasing a variety of things. However, combine this with the Nintendo Direct rumors and the website revamp, and the dots do start connecting, though they certainly don't complete a full picture. But then there's also the website revamp itself.  The website now has updated 2022 copyrights, which wouldn't be needed unless you were getting ready to release a new product. Meanwhile, the "news" section of the website has been cleaned out with all previous posts but four. 

Now, none of this is conclusive, but it's enough to have some Nintendo fans on Reddit going mad with speculation. And for what it's worth, we have heard through the grapevine that a new Xenoblade Chronicles was in the works. 

Monolith Soft updated/renovated their website. from NintendoSwitch

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