Beetlejuice With Carousel Hat Funko Pop Launches at Collector Con


Funko and Walmart kicked off their second Collector Con Pop figure event today, and one of the best exclusives in our opinion is the Beetlejuice Pop that comes with the carousel hat and hammer arms. It's a no-brainer addition to Funko Beetlejuice lineup, and one of the best in the entire Tim Burton Funko collection.

Pre-orders for the Beetlejuice with Carousel Hat Funko Pop were expected to go up here at Walmart at 1pm EST today, October 2nd, but remained listed as "out of stock" at the time of writing. In reality, the Pop didn't launch at the advertised time, so keep checking back in for pre-orders to go live. The same goes true for the other Collector Con exclusives listed as "out of stock" on the page.

beetlejuice-4k-blu-ray-collector's edition

On a related note, Tim Burton's beloved 1988 film Beetlejuice also came to 4K Ultra HD recently. There's even a collector's edition giftset that features The Handbook for the Recently Deceased (with... collectible chalk), a Beetlejuice poster, a glow in the dark embroidered patch, and special edition packaging.

The Beetlejuice 4K Blu-ray collector's edition gift set is an Amazon exclusive that order right here for $49.99. A Best Buy exclusive SteelBook is available here for $29.99. The standard edition is available to order here at Best Buy for $29.99.

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