Columbia Star Wars: The Mandalorian Jacket Collection is Available Now

Columbia Sportswear has collaborated with Disney and Lucasfilm on five limited edition Star Wars jacket collections over the years, including an Empire Strikes Back crew jacket in 2018 and range of jackets for The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. For their 2020 installment, the choice was clear - a collection based on Mando (Din Djarin) and The Child (aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu) from the massive Disney+ hit Star Wars: The Mandalorian. A complete breakdown of the collection is available below.

Columbia Star Wars: The Mandalorian Collection Release Date and Pre-Orders

Columbia's The Mandalorian collection launched at midnight EST on December 4th and, not surprisingly, many of the items sold out quickly. We're not sure if there will be restocks, but you can shop the entire collection here at the Columbia website (direct links to each of the items can be found below). If your style is sold out, odds are you can find it here on eBay.

Columbia Star Wars: The Mandalorian Collection Details and Prices

Columbia's Star Wars: The Mandalorian jacket collection will actually include five pieces: the Interchange Hybrid Jacket, heavyweight hoodie, and helmet gaiter that are based on The Mandlorian's Beskar armor, a Baby Yoda jacket for kids (complete with floppy ears), and a Baby Yoda bunting for babies. Here's the breakdown of features and pricing:

The Mandalorian IC Hybrid Jacket - Front

The Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket ($300 - Order Here): A special edition vest and jacket combo that's inspired by Mando's armor. Features include a durable canvas and softshell construction with lightweight insulation and a powerful Omni-HeatT 3D thermal-reflective lining. The combo can be worn separately or together.

The Mandalorian Helmet Gaiter - Front

The Mandalorian Helmet Gaiter ($40 - Order Here). Features include a coded message written in Mando'a on the fleece lining and a Mudhorn signet on the back label. The fabric is water-resistant fabric with a fleece lining and stretchy, soft shell construction.

The Mandalorian Heavyweight Hoodie - Front

The Mandalorian Heavyweight Hoodie ($120 - Order Here): A special-edition hoodie inspired by the Mandalorian's armor that features a tonal Mando'a message.

The Child Bunting - Ears Out

The Child Bunting ($50 - Order Here). Features microfleece and and ultra-soft Sherpa lining and super adorable Baby Yoda ears.

The Child Jacket - Front 2

The Child Jacket ($75-$80 - Order Here): A special-edition jacket for kids that features a water-resistant shell and Omni-Heat thermal-reflective lining as well as a Sherpa fleece hood. Fan features include a hood with stowable ears, a snackable Sorgan frog label, coded messages written in Mando'a, and a graphic screen print of Baby Yoda.

Personally, we're loving the pieces based on Mando's armor. We appreciate subtle fandom styles. Honestly though these are sharp looking even if you don't know anything about a Star War.

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Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+. New episodes air each Friday.

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