Dumpster Fire is Now a Cuddly Support Plush


Fittingly, the year 2020 was all about Dumpster Fire toys from 100% Soft, which were based on an original GIF from artist Truck Torrence. There were Dumpster Fire Vinyl figures, special edition Dumpster Fire vinyl figures, and even hats, pins and keychains. Now there's a plush version for 2021 that's perfect for hugging and crying into.

Indeed, when life gets you down, the Dumpster Fire plush will be there to lift you back up with its adorableness. Features include a fuzzy orange garbage flame and a lid that opens up to a bit of soft storage space. Don't worry - Dumpster Fire won't judge you for whatever you put in there. It's also great for out of sight, out of mind items like bills and mementos from failed relationships.

Pre-orders for the Dumpster fire plush are live here at Entertainment Earth for only $25 with a release date set for August 2021. Note that previous Dumpster Fire toys sold out quickly, so you'll want to reserve one of these while you can.

The Dumpster Fire plush measures 7-inches wide x 7 1/2-inches tall x 6-inches deep.


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