Funko Launches Exclusive Pops for Back to the Future Day 2020


Funko is celebrating Back to the Future Day 2020 with a pair of exclusive Pop figure releases featuring Doc with his dog Einstein and a Pop & Tee of Marty holding a hoverboard! You can grab the Pop & Buddy Doc with Einstein figure here at Walmart for $8.78. The Pop & Tee of Marty with the hoverboard is also a Walmart exclusive that you can grab here for $24.88.

Back to the Future Day takes place on October 21st because that is the calendar date in 2015 that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future Part II. It means that we are guaranteed to get to Back to the Future merch on October 21st until the end of time, so we're very thankful that they were so specific about it in the film.


The Doc with Einstein Funko Pop features the characters with the stopwatches that were used in the first time travel experiment. As you can see, they even feature the one minute difference from Einstein's trip in the DeLorean. The Pop & Tee both feature Marty with the hoverboard.


The Funko Pops are also part of Back to the Future's 35th anniversary festivities, which included the release of a new Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray box set. The Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray box set includes all three films in 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever (you can watch the first 10 minutes in 4K here), with an hour of new special features. Fans also have the option getting an exclusive levitating hoverboard replica or multi SteelBook covers with their sets.


The Back to the Future 4K Blu-ray box sets are shipping now - you can check out all of your options to own it right here.

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