Funko's X-Men Mister Sinister Metallic Pop Figure Exclusive Is Back


Funko's #624 X-Men Mister Sinister (Metallic) Pop figure was originally slated as a Hot Topic exclusive before being switched to Walmart. As many Pop figure fans know, getting exclusives from Walmart isn't always easy, and this Pop figure may have made appearances in store and online in recent days only to sell out.

Whatever the case, it's back in stock online right here at for $8.78 at the time of writing with shipping slated for August 25th. It's only a matter of time before it sells out for good. When that happens you'll be able to grab one here on eBay.

Mister Sinister (aka Nathaniel Essex) is a popular X-Men villain that hasn't appeared in a film yet, so the character is ripe for fan casting. Want to see what Bruce Campbell might look like in the role? Check it out. How about Keanu Reeves? Here you go. Disney probably won't hire a cosplayer for the role if/when it comes up, but Jason Aulicino certainly has the look down.


On a related note, Funko's partnership with Entertainment Earth on a range of Pop figures with a unique Wood Deco finish continues! To date, Marvel's Captain America and Groot have been given the wood deco Pop figure treatment, and today Iron Man is joining the lineup. The Pops are still made from vinyl, but the wood grain design on each figure is random, so no two are exactly the same.


The Iron Man Wood Deco Pop! Vinyl Figure is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $14.99 with shipping slated for September. Both the Captain America Groot figures sold out quickly, and it's only a matter of time before Iron Man follows suit. When that does happen, you'll have to get yours here on eBay when they become available.

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