Marvel Legends Retro Black Cat Figure Launches for Marvel Monday


It's Hasbro's Marvel Monday for the month of October 2020, and a Black Cat Marvel Legends Retro Collection figure is a fitting choice for the month of Halloween. If you want to get your hands on one of these Fan Channel exclusives, here's how...

Pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Black Cat figure are live here at Entertainment Earth for $20.99. The Retro Collection Black Cat figure features Felica Hardy in her classic costume complete with a whip and an actual black cat as accessories. The figure is packaged in a vintage Toy Biz-style cardback.

Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat is an exceptional athlete and martial artist - skills that come in handy as a thief. She also has "bad luck" powers that she can use to her advantage. Felicia's been a villain, ally, and love interest in the Spider-Man books over the years. From the official description:

"Marvel's Black Cat is the most confident, cunning burglar the world has ever seen! Donning a black costume and mask, heiress Felicia Hardy changes into her Super Hero persona and prowls the streets with Spider-Man at her side. Spider-Man Retro Marvel Legends Black Cat 6-Inch Action Figure - Exclusive is super-articulated plus comes with a whip and a black cat of her own."


The Black Cat release comes shortly after Hasbro's recent PulseCon event, which featured the release of numerous figures in the Marvel Legends collection. This includes the Joe Fixit Build-A-Figure wave. A full breakdown of the Marvel Legends PulseCon releases along with links where they can be pre-ordered can be found here.


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