Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Black Series IG-11 Figure is Back

Hasbro launched the first waves of The Black Series figures based on the Disney+ series Star Wars: [...]


Hasbro launched the first waves of The Black Series figures based on the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Mandalorian last year, and it included IG-11 as a Best Buy exclusive. Unfortunately, the 6-inch figure of everyone's favorite assassin droid has been sold out at Best Buy for some time, but your second chance to grab one is happening right now.

The Black Series IG-11 figure is now available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for the standard $19.99 with shipping slated for October. it follows the return of The Black Series Heavy Mandalorian figure, which also transitioned from a Best Buy exclusive to a Fan Channel exclusive. However, there are even more exciting things that have happened with The Black Series recently...


Last month Hasbro launched a Black Series wave that included The Mandalorian in Beskar armor. It's sold out pretty much everywhere, but you can still pre-order one here at Entertainment Earth for $20.99 at the time of writing. Grab it quick, because Hasbro's first Black Series figure of the bounty hunter is difficult to find these days (Entertainment Earth is getting a batch in September). You can check out the rest of the Black Series figures in this wave right here.


Finally, Hasbro launched a wave of new items back in March in The Black Series and Vintage Collection lineups that were headlined by fantastic Carbonized Boba Fett and Stormtrooper figures. Carbonized figures feature a metallic finish and shiny packaging, and only a handful of figures in this Black Series sub category have been released to date.

Again, both of the Carbonized figures moved quickly (especially Boba Fett) and are sold out at most retailers. However, you can still pre-order them here at Entertainment Earth for $24.99 each with shipping slated for September.

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