The Umbrella Academy Gets a Second Wave of Pops at Funko Fair


While we wait for the third season of The Umbrella Academy to debut on Netflix, fans of the series can enjoy the new wave of Funko Pops that debuted at Funko Fair 2021. This is the second wave of Funko Pops based on The Umbrella Academy series - the first debuted way back in 2019.

The common figures in The Umbrella Academy Funko Pop wave include Number 5, Baby Pogo, Vanya, Luther, Klaus, Diego, Ben, and Allison. Pre-orders for these figures are live here at Walmart at here at Entertainment Earth now. You'll also find a series of Pop keychains featuring Vanya (with Chase), Pogo, Number 5, and Klaus.


As far as exclusives in The Umbrella Academy wave are concerned (pictured below), you can find a variant of the Vanya Pop that glows-in-the-dark here at Target while it lasts.

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy ended on a big cliffhanger straight out of the comics. Indeed, season 3 is set to pit the Umbrella Academy against the alternate-timeline version of themselves (aka the "Sparrow Academy"). You can check out details about the Sparrow Academy cast right here.


As fans of the comic series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá will know, The Sparrow Academy (in addition to being the title of the upcoming fourth volume) was introduced at the end of Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion, featuring their own "Number One" who also appears to have super strength powers. Other characters that are seen in the pages of the comic is a character that can transform into crows, one that has the power of being a human Voodoo doll, and a sentient, floating green cube (who can be seen in the TV series).


As noted, The Umbrella Academy Pops are part of Funko's 10 day Funko Fair 2021 event. You can keep tabs on all of the new Pop figure releases right here via our Funko Fair master list. All of the news about The Umbrella Academy can be found here.

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