13th Floor Announces Halloween Events in Chicago, Nashville, and More

With the temperatures dropping around the country, it's a sign that the Halloween season is starting to gear up, with 13th Floor announcing a number of haunted attractions that fans will be able to check out. While their Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles is one of their most popular attractions, fans who live in major cities like Chicago, Nashville, and Phoenix will all be able to venture into the unknown with their thrilling themed events. To see a complete breakdown of events 13th Floor is hosting, you can head to their official website as the attractions begin opening their doors in the coming weeks.

The returning fan-favorite attractions from 13th Floor are as follows:


  • Midnight Mania: A masked slasher stalks groups of curious explorers who have entered a condemned house, hoping to find a good scare. What they find is more than they bargained for. The Midnight Maniac Cult is resurrecting the dead and just found some fresh sacrifices!
  • Daywalker: The legends foretold of a vampire who would rule over every warm-blooded being on earth. As the blood moon rises above starless night sky, so shall The Daywalker rise amongst the living. Now that he has been released from his prison, this ancient vampire is looking to quench his endless thirst.


  • Old Joliet Haunted Prison – The Abominations: Dormant for centuries, these tragic beings hunger for the companionship of living flesh. Cursed with a terrible hunger, they cannot help but feast upon the innocent souls that they capture, condemning everyone to eternal suffering. Beware, for the Abominations have returned.
  • Old Joliet Haunted Prison – Tormented: Rageful after suffering atrocities at the hands of the paranormal scientists, The Condemned seek to lure others to their eternal suffering as revenge. No one can escape their phantom grasp as they dwell in the after-life, TORMENTED! 
  • 13th Floor Chicago – Outcast Carnival: After a failed carnival went bankrupt, the sideshow performers were shunned by society and took to the sewers for shelter. After years of no interaction with the outside world, the performers have become rabid and feed on anything that wanders into their domain.
  • 13th Floor Chicago – All Hallows Eve: A cursed group of undead Trick or treaters rise up from their shallow graves once a year on Halloween in search of blood, guts, and candy! As the fall spirit infects others, their number grows. All Hallows Eve is upon us!


  • Nashville Nightmare – Guests can expect the return of fan-favorite mazes including a return to Horror High -- which previously featured the return of Roxanne, the cheer captain who went missing, for a bloody vengeance along with her summoned demons as she claimed the halls of Horror High as her playing field. New immersive attractions include Midnight Mortuary, Cursed: Legends of The Deep, and Vector Research. Guests can also expect to get in the Halloween spirit with various additional spirit-filled attractions including Bar Nightmare for 21+ patrons to enjoy spooky libations before or after experiencing the haunted houses, mini escape games, an Egyptian laser maze, and more.


  • 13th Floor Jacksonville – This year's haunted experience includes mazes and attractions including Chop House, All Hallows Eve, and Legends of the Deep. Additionally, guests will be able to partake in various interactive and immersive five-minute mini escape games and axe throwing, both great for groups who want a Halloween-themed challenge. 13th Floor guests will also be able to indulge in onsite food trucks including the Bearded Chef, Jacksonville's premier brunch food truck, and SoulFood Smagicians.

You can head to the official 13th Floor website for complete details.

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