New On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors Documentary Aims to Explore Cattle Mutilation

The idea of even seeing a UFO is an unsettling enough concept for many, but when it comes to unearthly encounters, there have been reports for decades of visitors from other planets letting their presence be known in more gruesome ways. With the upcoming feature-length documentary On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors, filmmaker Seth Breedlove sets his sights on reports of alien abductions, while also aiming to shed some light on the rumored phenomenon of cattle mutilations to uncover whether visitors from other corners of the galaxy are capable of such incidents. You can check out the trailer for On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors below before the documentary debuts this spring.

Per press release, "Do cattle mutilations still plague the American West? According to the latest documentary from Small Town Monsters, the phenomenon, which was popularized through references in shows like The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries, continues to this day. On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors unveils a detailed look at the ongoing UFO activity occurring across the country through interviews with investigators and eyewitnesses. The feature-length documentary promises to take viewers on a journey into a side of the subject that they've never explored.

"Night Visitors is the follow-up to the wildly successful 2020 miniseries, On the Trail of UFOs, and 2021's On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky. The film is directed by Small Town Monsters founder Seth Breedlove and follows investigator Shannon LeGro (host of Into the Fray podcast) as she searches for answers across the stunning mountains and prairie lands of Colorado. Her search takes her deep into often-overlooked and deeply disturbing sides of the UAP topic; cattle mutilations and human abductions.

"Along with the teaser, Breedlove and company have announced their film production lineup for the year which includes three additional titles: On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier, American Werewolves, and Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse. Bigfoot is a follo-wup to last year's On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery which spent over eight weeks on Amazon Video's best-selling overall titles list. American Werewolves explores the topic of upright canids in North America, while Jersey Devil seeks to blend narrative, fictional story elements with Small Town Monsters' tried and true documentary format."

Check out On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors when it debuts this April.


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