Guy Fieri Stars in Bud Light Seltzer's 2022 Super Bowl Ad

With the 2022 Super Bowl just a matter of days away, companies are already making waves by announcing — or at least, heavily teasing — their new advertisements. Unsurprisingly, a number of this year's big spots have already enlisted well-known celebrities, and it looks like we can safely count superstar chef and television host Guy Fieri among them. Fieri has been confirmed to star in an advertisement for Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, which plays off of his iconic title as "Welcome to Flavortown." This time, the commercial promotes that he is the "Land of Loud Flavors", thanks to the Hard Soda having "the loudest flavors ever."

Fieri took to Twitter to share a teaser for the spot, and to also reveal that fans have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes and win the opportunity to add their name to the advertisement. All you need to do to enter is reply to Fieri's tweet with #LandofLoudFlavors and #sweepstakes.

"These are big launches, so to be able to have the platform of the Super Bowl with a product like that and Guy Fieri ... is really special for us," Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, told CNBC earlier this week. "This is the 40th year in the Super Bowl for Bud Light."

"We're investing in a Super Bowl ad for a brand new product, so it's a big commitment," Goeler said. "We believe in it, and we're going to keep investing in it and building it into a significant part of our portfolio."

Over the years, Fieri has continued to dominate the pop culture landscape and the hearts of many, whether by donating to charity, making his restaurants' signature dishes open to a wider audience, or just sharing excellent memes. Reports also indicated last year that Fieri was becoming "the top-paid chef on cable TV", with a contract extension with Food Network that reportedly gave him a raise of $50 million.

"Nothing can replace what this kind of recognition, appearing on TV, can do for these people and their businesses … for their lives," Fieri told THR last year. "I need to keep doing this because it just needs to be done."

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