Hotel Transylvania Theme Park Attraction Opens

The Hotel Transylvania franchise has earned such a popular following around the world that Moscow’s Dream Island Theme Park has launched an official attraction honoring the series, which has opened its doors to guests. This will surely build excitement for the upcoming fourth installment in the animated series, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, which is set to hit theaters this summer. Making the theme-park opening even more enticing for fans is that the upcoming Transformania is set to be the final chapter in the franchise, with the experience allowing the legacy and spirit of the creepy and kooky adventures of Dracula and his hotel to continue for years to come.

Sony describes the attraction, "Dracula has opened up his lavish resort to the human world and will allow visitors to tour and meet its unusual guests. Visitors will begin their journey by walking across a bridge over a foggy moat to enter the hotel’s lobby. There, they will meet Dracula, who will guide them through more than 10 locations. In addition to the Hotel Transylvania ride, guests will also find a 'Tavern of Fear' snack bar, a 'Vampire's Bite' burger cafe, and 'Transylvania Treasures,' a gift store filled with Hotel Transylvania themed souvenirs and memorabilia."

"The attraction will be a worthy addition to our park. The work on the Hotel Transylvania theme area took more than three years, as we wanted to build a unique space for Russia, combining the latest technical and creative solutions to create a comedic horror experience suitable for the whole family,” Ivan Scholl, technical director of Dream Island Theme Park, shared in a statement. “We partnered with Sony Pictures in order to achieve an authentic experience that will be the first attraction of this level in Russia, in one of the world's leading theme parks."

hotel transylvania ride moscow
(Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

“In line with our growing Location Based Entertainment strategy, Dream Island Theme Park has done a fantastic job bringing this beloved brand to life and giving audiences the unique opportunity to transport themselves into the thrilling world of Hotel Transylvania,” Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment, added.

Dream Island Theme Park initially opened its doors last year, only to see some setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is currently set to hit theaters on July 23rd.

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