Nate Robinson Reveals His Motivation to Beat Jake Paul

Nate Robinson is revealing his motivation to beat Jake Paul in the ring tonight. The viral YouTuber has done plenty of talking in the lead up to this Mike Tyson boxing event. But, the NBA wants his fans to know that he’s here to represent for athletes of all stripes and his family. The former Knicks guard has been vocal about how seriously he’s taken training and trying to respect the people who helped mold him into a world-class athlete. Robinson won’t be the most popular one in the ring as action gets set to start on Fite.TV and Triller, but there’s never been reason to question the NBA Slam Dunk Champion’s heart. In the comments, a lot of his fans have expressed their well-wishes as he steps into the ring. Only time will tell how this goes for him. It’s been a while since he’s been in an NBA game. But, his experience in Ice Cube’s BIG 3 basketball league did a good job of keeping him ready.

On twitter, Nate wrote, “Tonight I'm fighting for my brothers in the NBA, athletes across the world, and most importantly my children. #tysonjones #holdat”

Friday’s media day event saw Robinson critique Paul for his unprofessionalism and promised to bring the goods in tonight’s match. The YouTube star has been on the offensive when it comes to trash talk for what seems like almost a calendar year. His challenger knows that social media will be all over whoever loses this fight

"He's not taking this seriously and is squandering the opportunity," Robinson told the gathered press (h/t Inverse). "He wasn't saying much at the conference … it doesn't really matter. That's just him not being a professional, acting like Jake Paul. I'm not taking s*** personal."

Robinson continued, "He came in, being loud, interrupting [me] doing commercials, and he was just being an asshole. Not cool. He started acting like he wanted a photo with me, but really, he's just being a goof. He calls me boring, that I don't talk enough s---, but I said I'll show him who I really am when we fight November 28."


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Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports