Eternals Producer Confirms Long-Awaited Superhero Isn't Appearing After All

Dane Whitman is in Eternals, there's no denying that. The character will be played within the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Game of Thrones superstar Kit Harington, and has been a little part of the blockbuster's marketing cycle so far. For fans hoping to see Whitman's alter ego come November, however, it looks like you'll be out of luck. As it turns out, Harington's only playing Whitman, and not Black Knight when he debuts in the Chloe Zhao feature.

Eternals producer Nate Moore on record talked about Whitman when visited the set of the film in January of 2020. Whitman is a long-time member of the Avengers in the Marvel source material — and his Ebony Blade.

"We think he's interesting and a great character and actually Kit Harington, who just wrapped yesterday, was fantastic, but we very much explore the relationship between Dane Whitman and Sersi, which is again something for comic readers," Moore told the site during a set visit during principal photography.

He added, 'You won't see the Ebony Blade in this movie. He's not going to be a Black Knight necessarily, but that is something that we get to play with down the road."

Moore's comments echo those Harington himself made last month in an issue of Total Film. At the time, Harington teased Eternals being just "the tip of the iceberg" for his character.

"He's not an Eternal. He's a character who works with the Natural History Museum in London. But he's not an Eternal - that's the main takeaway!," Harington told the magazine.

He added: "I've got no idea whether my character goes on or not. I had read up on who he could be, or might be. So there's the possibility for a longer trajectory. And hopefully, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for my character. I hope. But I just don't know, you know? I'm as in the dark as anyone else. And I try not to live too far ahead in the future with anything. Even when I was in Game of Thrones, even on the sixth season, I presumed the seventh season wasn't going to happen!"

Eternals is currently set for release on November 5th.

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