Eternals: Richard Madden Speaks Out on Game of Thrones Reunion With Co-Star Kit Harington

Eternals star Richard Madden has spoken up about this hysterical Game of Thrones reunion with Kit Harington. Ever since the casting was announced, fans of the HBO series were delighted to hear that Jon Snow and Robb Stark would be back together on the big screen. During a conversation with ScreenRant, Madden joked that they noticed some very interesting coincidences on the set of Eternals. (I mean, there's a character named Sersi for Pete's sake.) Both of these performers have been friends for a while. Also in their circle is Gemma Chan, so they all had a big laugh about how life brought them all back together for this Marvel Studios picture. It sounds like that reunion talk wasn't exactly top of mind for the trio as they were working on Chloe Zhao's epic though. Check out what they had to say down below:

"...I think we kind of forgot. Me and Kit have been friends for so long, and Gemma [Chan] too. We've gone out and had dinner as well when we were shooting, so suddenly the three of us were kind of standing on the street chatting and it's like, "Oh God, we're at work! We're not actually just the three of us being friends here. That's what kind of was a bit throwing us off, rather than any Game of Thrones version of things. It's just that I was there with my friends at work," Madden said.

He talked to Wonderland Magazine about his time in the MCU. "It's hard to get that lightness but that's what's so important, to get these lighter moments when we can. I'd love to do some more comedies. I do feel like I end up playing a lot of serious things," the actor observed. "I think it's not representative of me but you get affected with what you do, what you spend all your day doing, so that's why I'd love to do something lighter so my day is affected with lighter things rather than the end of the world stuff."

Marvel producer Nate Moore talked about the energy Harrington brought to the role during a set visit with

"Black Knight is an interesting character in that, he's a normal guy who is tortured to some degree by his lineage, but is a normal guy," Moore added. "And Kit, I think brought a humanity to Jon Snow. I was also a fan of some of his comedic work, like the sort of the tennis HBO mockumentary. And what we found with Kit is he has amazing comic timing and he is very charming in a different way than Richard [Madden] is charming, which we thought again was valuable. So, but he can go dark and I think as for anybody knows Black Knight, that's a kind of a tragic character. I think there's room for him to play both sides of that character."

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