Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Report Spoils a Surprising Eternals Star Appearing

A new report concerning Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special possibly spoils an Eternals star appearing in the Disney+ special. James Gunn is writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which is filming during the production of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Leaks typically take place during productions of this magnitude, as bystanders get to witness set locations during their everyday events. The latest report comes from Hollywood Boulevard at the Chinese Theater, where Christmas decorations and posters for an Eternal hero are present.

Hunter Bolding, a writer, editor, and producer for That Hashtag Show, shared what he witnessed Disney filming out at Hollywood Boulevard. "I don't know much, but Marvel is 100% filming something on Hollywood Blvd at the Chinese Theater," Bolding tweeted. "Posters with Kingo from Eternals are up, and Christmas decorations are everywhere... Looks like it could be the Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special #Marvel"

Kumail Nanjiani portrayed Kingo in 2021's Eternals, directed by Chloé Zhao. Kingo made a career for himself as a popular Bollywood star and was recruited by his Eternals family in the latter half of the film as they set out on their mission to defeat the Deviants while also preventing the awakening of the Celestial Arishem.

Of course, just because there are posters of Kingo on the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special set, it doesn't mean he will actually make an appearance. Since Kingo is an accomplished actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the posters could just be marketing for his next feature film. Plus, there is also the possibility the production is for another Marvel Studios project, even though holiday decorations are reportedly displayed.

James Gunn offered a cryptic tease for Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in response to comments made by Nebula actor Karen Gillan. Gunn recently revealed to that the special is "the greatest thing" he's ever made. Recently, Karen Gillan (Nebula) had a chat with ScreenRant, and the site asked the star if she agreed that the Holiday Special is Gunn's best work. While Gillan admitted she hasn't seen the special yet, she does think it will be "extremely funny." CBR shared the interview on Twitter, which caught the attention of Gunn.

"I mean, it could be! I haven't seen it yet. I don't know, but it's totally possible that it is. I think it's gonna be extremely funny," Gillan told ScreenRantCBR shared the interview with the caption, "Karen Gillan thinks the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special might be some of James Gunn's best work yet." Gunn replied, "Agreed. I look forward so much to every weekend to seeing new cuts come in from our editor Greg 'One G' D'Auria. This weekend has been another true pleasure."

In the comments, Gunn also confirmed the special will be released on Disney+ later this year. "Yes, release this holiday season," he confirmed. When asked about the runtime, the director replied, "It's not done yet so I don't know." 

Who would you like to see guest-star in Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! The special is expected to debut in December on Disney+.