Kraven the Hunter Star Reveals What Sets it Apart From Other Marvel Movies

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently starring in Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt, and the actor has been fielding questions about his upcoming Marvel movie during the press tour. After Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and Morbius, Sony is continuing to tell the stories of various Spider-Man villains with Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web both in production. Taylor-Johnson is set to play Kraven, and recently explained to The Hollywood Reporter how it will differ from his other comic book roles such as the titular character in Kick-Ass and Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. During the chat, the actor also spoke about how the movie will be different from other comic book films in general and talked more about how it was shot on location

"Kraven being shot entirely on location is going to make all the difference. It's going to add something really beautiful to our personal story. It also sets Kraven apart from that Marvel stage look. It's important for this character to be in the real world. It's important for the authenticity of the story. When you're running on streets barefoot, you take in those elements and play within that," Taylor-Johnson explained.

Back in June, Taylor-Johnson made an appearance during Sony's presentation at the CineEurope conference, where he dropped the news that Kraven was filmed on location. According to Variety, the actor spoke about Kraven being "one of Marvel's most iconic, notorious anti-heroes — Spider Man's number one rival." While some fans would argue against that statement considering how many iconic villains Spidey has come up against, many were more interested in Taylor-Johnson's description of the character after he said he's "not an alien or a wizard. He's just a hunter, a human with conviction. An animal lover and a protector of the natural world. He's a very, very cool character." That is when he added that "this one is shot entirely on location."

While talking to THR, Talyor-Johnson confirmed he landed the role of Kraven because the folks at Sony were so impressed by his Bullet Train dailies.

"Yeah, I feel very fortunate," Taylor-Johnson shared. "It's one of those magical and rare moments where the stars align from just doing your job the best you can. I was turning up to work and just loving everything. And then someone else further up the totem pole was looking down and noticing the hard work and what I was trying to achieve. So it's always really lovely when that happens, but it doesn't happen very often, if at all. In this case, there was stuff coming out of the rushes, and then I got a call, saying, "We're thinking of you for this thing." That's when they put me in touch with J.C. Chandor, the director, and Matt Tolmach, the producer, and we all hit it off. So I'm very blessed that Kraven was the next project, and to be with the same studio, Sony, was really wonderful."

Kraven the Hunter is currently slated to arrive in theaters on January 13, 2023.