Original The Evil Dead Expanding to More Drive-In Locations

the evil dead bruce campbell 1981
(Photo: New Line Cinema)

Movie theater chains continue to delay their openings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving moviegoers to wonder when they'll be able to check out new releases, though these complications have seen drive-in theaters thrive, with the original 1981 The Evil Dead heading to more movie theaters throughout July to recreate the excitement of its original release for new audiences. Some of the year's most anticipated horror offerings have already been pushed from earlier this year to this fall, potentially making a major Halloween season, but in the meantime, audiences can revisit one of the defining horror films of the '80s.

Upcoming dates for the screenings are as follows:

In the decades since the film was released, fans have been able to consume it in a variety of formats, though none of those quite compare to the scale and sense of community felt during a screening at a drive-in theater. With star Campbell himself appearing at some of the screenings, it's definitely an experience worth getting out of the house for, all while maintaining social distancing practices in the interests of public safety.

Making the upcoming screenings feel all the more special is knowing that a new installment is in the works, with Campbell having shared some of the first details about the film earlier this month.

"The official name is 'Evil Dead Rise,'" Campbell revealed to Diabolique Magazine. "We're getting a new draft in. I don't think anything will happen until 2021. Full bore ahead, we're very excited about it. A whole, new ballgame. No more cabin in the woods."

Following the reveal of the film's official title, in addition to Campbell confirming "no more cabin in the woods," rumors emerged that the upcoming sequel could be taking place in a skyscraper.


Stay tuned for details on The Evil Dead drive-in screenings.

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