Ewan Mcgregor Splits Star Wars Royalties With Ex-Wife in Divorce

A judge has ruled that actor Ewan McGregor must split his royalties from the Star Wars franchise with his ex-wife, French production designer Eve Mavrakis. According to TMZ, the two ended their 22-year marriage in 2018, but the divorce process has continued ever since. The judge passed down his judgment, ruling that the couple will split royalties and residuals from all projects McGregor worked on during the time they were married, including the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In addition to the Star Wars movies, that includes McGregor's work on Angels and Demons, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and Moulin Rouge.

McGregor does get to keep 30 vehicles, while Mavrakis hangs onto their Los Angeles home, valued at $6.62 million. She also keeps her jewelry, five vehicles, some bank accounts, and more $500,000 cash to even things out. She'll also receive child support of nearly $15,000 each month for their 9-year-old daughter Anouk, of whom the couple shares joint legal and physical custody, plus spousal support of more than $35,000 per month.

McGregor will reprise his role as Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars universe in a new live-action television series for Disney+. Rumors suggest the show begins shooting in March 2021. Deborah Chow -- who worked on the first Star Wars live-action television series, The Mandalorian -- will direct the entire series. There was a delay in production to accommodate script rewrites, but McGregor remains confident in the story's quality.

"The scripts are really good. I saw 90% of the writing and I really liked it," McGregor said in January. "All this bulls*** about creative differences and all that stuff, none of it is true. We just pushed the dates ... last episode, [Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker] came out, everyone had more time to read the stuff that had been written, and they felt that they wanted to do more work on it.

"I think they want to keep the same release date, so it's not really going to affect the viewer in any way. It just simply gives them more time to write and make the scripts even better."


There were also rumors that Disney had cut back on the number of episodes in the series, but McGregor told ComicBook.com that's not the case. "It just slipped to next year, that's all," he said. "The scripts are really good. I think that so now that Episode IX came out and everyone at Lucasfilm's got more time to look to spend on the writing, they felt like they wanted more time to write the episodes. I read about 80-90 percent of what they've written so far, and it's really, really good. And instead of shooting this August, they just want to start shooting in January, that's all. It's nothing more dramatic than that. It often happens in projects. They just wanted to push it to next year."

The Star Wars prequel trilogy is streaming on Disney+. The Obi-Wan Kenobi series will debut in 2022.