Fast & Furious Star Vin Diesel's Cryptic Comments About a "War" Boil Down to Him Fighting to Be a Real Producer

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel’s cryptic Instagram comments about a “war” boil down to him fighting to become a real producer. A new report from Variety entails just how intense the star’s quest for recognition by the Producers Guild of America has gotten. Diesel talked about mitigating a war with the PGA on social media and even called it the “prejudice guild of America” in a caption. A mark of distinction from the trade association would grant him access to select bonuses and claim to awards season hardware in the franchise he has helped mold. But, the Guild has not seen fit to grant him entry yet.

“It is the policy of the Producers Guild not to comment on individual arbitrations. The purpose of the Producers Mark is to protect the integrity of the ‘Produced By’ credit,” a PGA spokesperson said to Variety. “A panel of experienced producers reviews anonymous firsthand accounts from filmmakers and key crew in order to determine who performed a major portion of the producing functions on a single film.”

Eligibility rules for the PGA state that the guild, “may contact key creative participants and department heads (e.g., writer, director, casting director, unit production manager, production designer, cinematographer, post-production supervisor) to obtain confidential information.” All of this is done anonymously to determine the level of individual contributions by a producer. By hiding their identities, the process maintains a bit of unbiased critique. It’s clear that some of the people working on the Fast franchise don’t think that Diesel stacks up to the contributions of the other producers on-set.

The Variety piece describes sources who say that Diesel doesn’t behave like a producer, and instead conducts himself like a star. Less glamorous parts of the proceedings can be neglected and some accused him of actually making life a little harder on his fellow producers. All of these people are professionals and take notice of factors that may inhibit the film coming together in a quick and timely manner. In detail, “That behavior includes arriving hours late on pricey stunt days, said one source, behavior that costs time and swells budgets — two of any producer’s biggest obstacles.”


Right now, the producers with that distinction are Jeff Kirschenbaum, Samantha Vincent of Diesel’s One Race Films, and series director Justin Lin. But, that won’t stop the star from trying.

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