Godzilla vs. Kong: Shun Oguri Teases Character Details

Godzilla vs. Kong does not have a clear cut villain which is known by fans, yet. The film's director, Adam Wingard, would have you believe neither of the titular Titans is an antagonist in the film, though the filmmakers will admit that Godzilla's chaotic actions will result in humans calling upon Kong to defend them, to some extent. Still, it seems there might be another force at play, and that force might be Shun Oguri's Ren Serizawa. The son of a man who sacrificed himself to give Godzilla more strength, Ren Serizawa is on some sort of mission in Godzilla vs. Kong which the actor admits might not fall in line with a popular opinion in the film.

"He works for Apex, which is a tech company, a privately owned tech company, that’s trying to solve the Titan problems. And he is one of their scientists," Oguri told press (as translated from Japanese) on the set of Godzilla vs. Kong back in March of 2019. Interestingly, he admits Ren Serizawa is "maybe Team Godzilla," when it comes to choosing a side. "Though, his character’s not as clearly defined in those scene," the translator added.

"I think the means to get to the goal is a little bit different from everyone else," Oguri says. "It’s not really written in the movie, but how he imagines it, is his father, they were close once, and his father was very occupied solving world problems with Godzilla, and he did sort of follow into his father’s footsteps, but he doesn’t believe he was heard by his father." Perhaps there is a bit of the student wanting to be the teacher complex going on here, with the teacher seeing an ill-informed perspective in the student?

"He believes that he has the sense of witnessing it, but he doesn’t know if the character was close to the destruction himself or if he experienced it himself," Oguri's translator explained. "He hasn’t seen King of the Monsters. He did hear a lot about it from the producer. But he doesn’t know the extent of the destruction they’ve done to the planet before his story."

Still Oguri's Ren Serizawa seems to have ties to Mechagodzilla and the Apex organization which is suspect enough in itself to get Millie Bobby Brown and Brian Tyree Henry's character to investigate and infiltrate it.