Halloween Kills Director Teases the Aggressive Action of New Sequel

With 2018's Halloween, filmmaker David Gordon Green had to deliver a story that not only clarified for audiences what had been happening to franchise characters in the 40 years since the original Halloween, while also paving the way forward for a new adventure, but with the upcoming Halloween Kills, Green feels as though he can amp up the intensity much more quickly. Much like the first sequel to the original film, 1981's Halloween II, Halloween Kills will pick up almost immediately after the events of the last Halloween, seeing authorities pursuing Michael Myers throughout Haddonfield, Illinois following his fateful return to his hometown. Halloween Kills is set to hit theaters on October 15th.

"It's about the creation of fear," Green shared of his films with Total Film, per GamesRadar. "It's one thing to be afraid of the Boogey Man, to have someone who might be in the closet, under the bed, creeping around your house ... but we wanted to explore next was confusion, misinformation, and paranoia. What happens when fear goes viral? You can't just stick your head under the covers anymore."

As evidenced by the film's first teaser, the upcoming film resumes the action from what we last saw.

"When we made the last one we wanted to find a way for someone who's never seen the original to get up to speed with the story," Greene explained. "But this one gets right to the action. It's very aggressive. It's more efficient. We wanted it to be an explosive middle before things get streamlined and personal again."

In its 40-year history, the Halloween franchise has become one of the most beloved series among horror fans, though it's also one with some of the most narrative confusion. As other series often just replicate the ways in which a villain finds new victims, the Halloween series has attempted to reinvent and revive certain components of the overall mythology while ignoring others.

While the first film saw Myers mysteriously stalking Haddonfield with no real rhyme or reason, Halloween II introduced the concept that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was the killer's sister, inspiring him to kill her much like he did his sister Judith 15 years earlier. Halloween III: Season of the Witch, however, abandoned Myers completely for an all-new adventure that unfolded on the titular holiday. The next three films continued the narrative that was established with Halloween II, only for Halloween H20: 20 Years Later to ignore the preceding three sequels.

Green's 2018 Halloween was a continuation of the original film, going so far as to directly refute the idea that Laurie and Michael were related.


Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 15th.

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