Harry Potter Stars Reunite, Issue Challenge to Fans

Harry Potter actor Tom Felton, who played antagonist Draco Malfoy, has been having a ball on TikTok for the past few weeks, issuing the "#PottahChallenge" to fans of the Wizarding World as he aims to find the best impression of his iconic delivery from the eight feature films. Felton has been grading other user's interpretation of the line but he's since recruited his co-star and on-screen father Jason Isaacs for his version, though apparently Isaacs has a different interpretation of how to deliver the line You can find the video of Felton explaining the challenge and then Isaacs' version of the lines below (H/T Radio Times).

Though the Harry Potter franchise remains a fan favorite (despite its creator's controversial view points always making headlines), Felton is among the many that think the series will one day be rebooted. In a previous interview with The Daily Mail, Felton said that while a reboot probably won't happen in the near future, it's almost certainly inevitable. “I don’t think Jo [Rowling] would want her films, her books rather and her films, to be remade anytime soon, but I’m sure in 20 years when they’ve got 4D, scratch-and-sniff cinemas, or whatever, then they’ll want to do it all over again."


Give me your best shot, muggles! Use the hashtags ##pottahchallenge and ##dracotok for a chance to duet

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

Felton went on to say that if a reboot did happen that he would want to be involved as an actor, playing the role of the father to his character in the original series. "My hope is that when they do it I’ll be old enough to play Lucius," he said. "Give it another 15 years and I’ll come back and play Lucius. I would do it in a heartbeat.”


My father heard about this ##pottahchallenge ##dracotok ##wherespottah?

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

Felton's comments don't match what his co-star Ralph Fiennes told ComicBook.com last year, where Voldemort himself seemed to think that the author was done with "The Boy who Lived."


"I don't see it happening," Fiennes admitted. "I think JK Rowling... My sense is, I don't know this, is that she feels that's done and she's developing [the Wizarding World] with those other films."

Warner Bros. will next release Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3, penned by Rowling and returning Harry Potter franchise scribe Steve Kloves, on November 12, 2021. The film is now in production in London.