HBO Max Justice League Snyder Cut Series Could Rival Marvel's Disney+ Shows

The HBO Max streaming service has launched, and DC fans are for the streaming service to release Zack Snyder's Justice League "Snyder Cut" in 2021. However, one thing that seems to still be up in the air is how to present Snyder's lengthy cut of Justice League: either as a very long movie or a miniseries. The latter case may actually be a timely one: Marvel Studios is about to launch a TV extension of its Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on Disney+ for 2020 - 2021 season, and HBO Max needs something like a Zack Snyder Justice League series to keep up with the competition!

First, of all let's nail down the semantics: Zack Snyder has already stated that the theatrical cut of Justice League (120 min) was only 25% of the film he shot, suggesting quite a lengthy bit of footage still left on the side. Late last year, Snyder also confirmed that his original assembly cut of Justice League was 5 hours long. Assembly cuts are, of course, first draft versions of movies before they are trimmed down to theatrical cuts - but even so, it seems that Snyder's Justice League would easily clock in at 3 hours (or more).

With DC fans now having spent years pouring over every detail of Snyder's vision for Justice League I - III, why should Warner Bros. waste a single working frame of footage? The entire purpose of this is venture is to proudly display Snyder's creative vision without studio interference, so why waste any minute of that opportunity? The studio is putting up the money to finish The Snyder Cut in full; Warner Bros. could recoup more HBO Max subscribers from a weekly series of Justice League episodes generating buzz for a month or so than it ever could from streaming one single event film. And, fans of the Snyderverse DC films wouldn't even mind, as Snyder's lengthy and novelesque stories for Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition are something they value. A Justice League series that takes its time building up each hero and bringing them together, would be equally welcome.

Juistce League Snyder Cut TV Series vs Marvel Disney Plus Shows

The timing couldn't be better, either. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Marvel Studios has had to delay a lot of its MCU Phase 4 productions - including the Marvel Disney+ series that are one the way. While there's been no official delay announcements yet, It wouldn't surprise anyone if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and/or WandaVision are pushed to 2021. Loki, Hawkeye, What If?, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk are all primed to now occupy the 2021 - 2022 broadcast season. 2021 will be a particularly big battleground for returning TV content, and Justice League's Snyder Cut would be as big a TV draw for DC fans as Loki or Hawkeye (or any of the 2020 MCU shows that got delayed).


Would you like to DC and Warner Bros. stream Justice League's Snyder Cut as a series? Do you think it could compete with Marvel Disney+? Let us know in the comments.

Zack Snyder's Justice League arrives on HBO Max in 2021. Marvel Disney+ series are still scheduled to launch this summer/fall.

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