Kevin Smith Reviews Chris Hemsworth's Extraction: "A Relentless Action Movie"

Kevin Smith reviewed Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix film Extraction on the latest episode of Fatman Beyond. The director really loved it and went so far as to call the outing a “relentless action movie.” Smith also mentioned that his father, who loved action beats, would have been a huge fan. Well, with the names involved in the production, you would be right to expect breakneck pacing and a lot of fight choreography. Viewers seem to agree with Smith’s assessment as Extraction is a bonafide hit for Netflix. So much so that Joe Russo has been contracted to start drafting up a second installment following the response to the first film.

“It’s bonkers, it just doesn’t stop. Like, it’s a relentless action movie man,” the filmmaker observed. “It’s good, like it’s really good. As I watched it, I was like holy s***, I wish my father was alive, because this would be his favorite movie of all time. Like this is a perfect film, ‘Why can’t you make s*** like Extraction?’ That’s what I would be hearing and stuff…It is really good, it was legit good.”

“I tell you man, I was watching Extraction, and it was pretty great,” Smith added later in the episode. “I did, at one point turn to my wife and I was like, ‘You know what would make this better? If he was dressed like f****** Thor.’ Like, all they needed to do was put him in a freaking costume, but I guess not everything could be a comic book movie”

The Russo Brothers actually talked about the massive success of their film with Collider this week. Both directors are thrilled to have yet another crowd favorite on their hands.

“It’s interesting, they don’t do a lot of projecting," Joe Russo explained. "They’re very guarded with their information, which is a good thing because you don’t set expectations up and then not hit them. So I’m happy with that as a filmmaker there’s not a lot of tracking to either get your hopes up or dash your hopes. It just performs and then you find out how it’s performing. When you think about the amount of people and if you were to compare that to a box-office release, then that’s the equivalent of a movie making over a billion dollars in the market like that. But that’s a significant impression on an audience.”


Extraction is currently streaming on Netflix.

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