Netflix Reveals How Many People Chris Hemsworth's Extraction Character Has Killed

Extraction has proven itself to be a very popular original film for Netflix, catapulting to the #1 position on the Most Popular section of the streaming service the day after it premiered. Despite its popularity, the film has been met with a mixed critical reaction but one of the things that many can't help but point out in the film is the absurdity of its action and death count, including a gag where star Chris Hemsworth's character "Tyler Rake" actually kills someone with a rake. In's review of the film our own Charlie Ridgley noted that the movie sees Rake "kill just about every person he sees." So how many people does he kill?

Netflix themselves revealed the official number from the film, writing in a tweet: "The least believable part of Extraction is that at no point do any of the 183 people that Chris Hemsworth kills mention how ridiculously good looking he is..." So, how does this body count stack up against other films and famous killers in movies?

Across all of the Friday the 13th movies, hockey mask clad Jason Voorhees has only killed 146 people in his 12 appearances, while Halloween's Michael Myers has taken out 128 victims across his 10 theatrical films. The closest equivalent to Extraction is perhaps Keanu Reeves' John Wick, whose highest body count came in John Wick: Chapter 2 where he took down 128 people (the same amount as the Boogeyman's entire filmography). Though Wick has a higher body count across his three movies (nearly 300 total kills), Hemsworth's Tyler Rake has almost the same amount in just one film. In fact, Extraction's central character could have one of the highest single body counts by one character in a movie in film history.

To Netflix's hilarious point about the film though, Hemsworth's looks didn't go unnoticed in the making of the movie. Speaking with The Guardian, director Sam Hargrave noted: “No matter how much dirt or blood you put on Chris Hemsworth, there’s no getting around it: he is devilishly handsome.

Extraction is reportedly on track to be their most-streamed original movie of all time with Netflix projecting it will be watched by 90 million households within its first four weeks of release. A sequel to the film is already in the works as well as it was announced last night that Joe Russo has closed his deal to return to write the script, which could be a prequel or a proper sequel. Both Hemsworth and Hargrave are not yet attached and will only begin negotiations once the script is complete.