Animation Studio Behind Coraline & Kubo Making First Live-Action Movie

Laika has made a name for themselves as an animation studio in recent years by keeping the art of stop-motion animation alive throughout their own movies and some sequences in other films. Notable for producing films including Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Missing Link, Laika is now stepping into new territory and making their first live-action movie. The company has optioned the rights to John Brownlow's upcoming novel Seventeen, described as an "action thriller," with minimal other plot details to share. In any event it will be an exciting venture to see realized considering their past work.

"For the past 15 years, LAIKA has been committed to making movies that matter," Laika President and CEO Travis Knight said in a statement. "Across mediums and genres, our studio has fused art, craft, and technology in service of bold, distinctive, and enduring stories. With Seventeen, LAIKA is taking that philosophy in an exciting new direction." Regarding the film itself, Knight continued:

"Seventeen is a stiff cocktail of wicked wit, exhilarating action, and raw emotion. John has such a wonderfully unique voice. He's crafted a brilliant universe with its own powerful identity. Seventeen is a thriller with soul, a sinuous adrenaline-fueled actioner with a sincere heart beating underneath its rippling pectorals."

"I am absolutely thrilled to be developing Seventeen for the screen with LAIKA," Brownlow added. "As a long-time fan of LAIKA's movies for their vision, heart, craft, intelligence and ambition, I couldn't have hoped for the novel or the universe it inhabits to have found a better or more exciting home. I'm beyond honored to be part of their plans for the future."

No further details on who will direct the film or when production will start were announced.


Laika's track record as an independent animation studio has been nothing short of miraculous though. The company first started in 2005 with some work on the Tim Burton animated movie Corpse Bride. They would create the first of several cult hits with 2009's Coraline, the first full Laika production, which was directed by Henry Selick.

The Neil Gaiman adaptation brought in over $126 million at the global box office and began their trend of nabbing Best Animated Feature Oscar nominations. Each subsequent release by Laika would all be nominated for the Academy Award, tragically losing to Disney at literally every turn (Up beat out Coraline, Brave won over ParaNorman, Big Hero 6 beat The Boxtrolls, Zootopia defeated Kubo, and last year Toy Story 4 defeated Missing Link).