Marvel's Inevitable Nova Project Could Learn Something from HBO Max's Green Lantern Series

We've yet to see a single frame of HBO Max's Green Lantern series, yet it's already setting the mold for other cosmic stories that could be told by other production houses in the near future. In case you're curious — yes, that includes the eventual arrival of a Nova property from Marvel Studios, whether it be a film franchise or a series on Disney+. If you're reading this piece, you likely already known the Green Lantern Corps and Nova Corps often run parallel. One's from Marvel, the other from DC — but both serve as space cops looking to protect the peace among the cosmos.

What we do know of Green Lantern is that it will feature multiple characters who've donned the Green Lantern mantle across the character's history. Coincidentally enough, the Nova Corps also happens to have a handful of characters worthy of their own spotlight — and that's why an ensemble project might make the most sense.

You won't have to go too far to find someone clamoring to see Richard Rider in live-action. In fact, go ahead and go take a quick glance at BD's profile picture on Twitter — but the Nova Corps has a much richer history than one specific Nova Centurion.

With an ensemble series, you could include Rider as one of the leads — but then you could include all sorts of others. That includes Sam Alexander and his father Jesse. It could include Gabriel Lan, the hero known as Air-Walker or Pyres Kril, the Herald of Galactus more commonly known as Firelord. Maybe even Titus, Lindy Nolan, Suki Yumiko, or Rich's brother Robbie.

An expansive cast would also help the series set itself apart from other Marvel Studios fare. Sure, you have the Guardians of the Galaxy — but with that group, you have carelessness and chaos. With the Nova Corps, you have law and order, and a project that can further flesh out the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that world-building grows ten-fold when you introduce an ensemble cast.


Both Guardians of the Galaxy movies are now streaming on Disney+.

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