Shudder Announces The Last Drive-In Valentine's Day Special, Joe Bob Put a Spell on You

Not satisfied with marathon specials that have taken over both Halloween and Christmas twice, plus [...]

Not satisfied with marathon specials that have taken over both Halloween and Christmas twice, plus Thanksgiving for good measure, Joe Bob Briggs and The Last Drive-In are prepared to ruin Valentine's Day (assuming the state of the world hasn't already done that for everyone). Briggs took to Twitter to announce the new special, tweeting, "We found a holiday we haven't ruined yet! We're gonna fix that on February 12th . . ." Official titled The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell on You Valentine's Special, it seems likely that the event will be another double feature from Briggs and company ahead of the holiday.

Naturally the guessing game of what the two movies shown will be has already started from the Mutant Family, with the obvious guesses of the 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine and its 2009 3-D remake the easiest to assume. If there's one thing that the recent "Joe Bob Saves Christmas" and "Halloween Hideaway" have taught us though it's that the most obvious choices are seldom the films that our beloved Drive-in critic ends up showing. To that end, My Bloody Valentine and perhaps the 2001 slasher Valentine both seem unlikely since they're a hair too obvious.

To that end, some shlocky titles that could be on Joe Bob's rader are the likes of 1999's Lovers Lane, a slasher also inspired by "The Hook" urban legend which Urban Legend also used; 1993's My Boyfriend's Back, a horror-comedy directed by character actor Bob Balaban and produced by Friday the 13th's Sean S. Cunningham; or the 1994 masterpiece Tammy and the T-Rex, a bizarre moving starring Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker (where the later, in love with the former, has his brain put inside a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex body).

There's also the more recent movie Pontypool, a unique zombie movie where the source of the infection in a small Canadian town is actually words and language and not a virus. The film also happens to take place on Valentine's Day.

The Last Drive-In was renewed back in July for a third season on Shudder, so expect news of the weekly show's return very soon from Shudder. In his weekly series, Briggs, the world's foremost drive-in movie critic, presents an eclectic horror movie double feature, interrupting the films to expound upon their merits, histories, and significance to genre cinema. The Last Drive-In premieres on Shudder's live feed before being made available on demand; proving that an SVOD service can create appointment television, the show's hashtag, #TheLastDriveIn, has trended in the top 10 on Twitter in the US during the premiere of every episode and special, often reaching number one.