Spider-Man Fan Paints the Perfect Iron Spider Suit

Believe it or not, but Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Far From Home was the last Marvel Cinematic Universe film released in theaters due to the ongoing pandemic. Before long at all, the actor will return to play the eponymous Peter Parker in his third solo flick in the MCU. Though the character has seemingly ditched the Iron Spider suit Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) gave him in Avengers: Infinity War, Spidey fans want to see the character back in the iconic look at one point or another.

Jackson Caspersz, one eager Spider-Man fan and standout concept artist, is anticipating it so much, he went ahead and painted a new piece on how an updated Iron Spider suit could look. Combining Stark's original suit with more Iron Man-like designs, Caspersz's piece even features some vibes from the classic Velocity style. If we're being frank, the piece is so good, it's hard to believe it's not something officially sanctioned by Marvel Studios — see it for yourself below.

The one thing going against Caspersz's wishes at the moment, however, is previous comments from Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. At the time, the producer mentioned Spider-Man 3 will be about Parker living as his own hero outside of Iron Man's shadow for the first time in the MCU.

“It’ll be fun to see Spidey back in his element, out of the shadow of Tony, out of the shadow of the other Avengers, as his own man now, as his own hero,” Feige said in a previous interview. “And yet now facing his own challenges that aren’t coming from Avengers fighting, like [Captain America: Civil War], or aliens coming, like [Avengers: Infinity War] or [Avengers: Endgame]. It’s all Peter focused and Peter based.”


Spider-Man 3 is currently set for release on December 17, 2021.

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