Marvel's Charlie Cox Roasts Friend Andrew Garfield as "Third Greatest Spider-Man of All Time"

Daredevil star Charlie Cox gave a toast to his good friend Andrew Garfield at the GQ Men of the Year event this week. During his tribute to the Marvel actor, the Netflix actor called Garfield "one of, if not the greatest actor of our generation." However, it wouldn't be a true friendship without some gentle ribbing too. So, Cox had to mention, "his legacy as the third greatest Spider-Man of all time." Of course, people on the Internet found that hysterical. Spider-Man: No Way Home still has an absolute chokehold on a lot of Marvel fans. Seeing Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Peter number three on-screen at the same time is not something people saw coming. But, they're glad for all the developments. Read some other selections from his speech down below.

"A couple of years ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine bemoaning the seemingly limitless talents of our friend, and the final man of the year tonight, Mr Andrew Garfield" Cox began. "I said 'it's really annoying, is there nothing he can't do?'"

"So you can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out he had committed himself to a project that couldn't possibly succeed. The all-singing, all-dancing, Tick, Tick... Boom!" he laughed.

Garfield's Relationship to Spider-Man

The Spider-Man star has a much more varied relationship to the character than his counterparts do. But, he told GQ that No Way Home was a special experience.

"I got to treat it like a short film about Spider-Man with buddies," Garfield said. "The pressure was off me. It was all on Tom's shoulders. Like, it's his trilogy. And me and Tobey were there to provide support and have as good a time as possible, actually, and be as inventive, imaginative, and kind of dumb as possible."

"Y'know, between the three of us, I was like, Oh s---, this is going to be interesting," he added. "You have three people who feel real ownership over this character. But it was really, like, brotherhood first, I think. And I think that comes through in what we shot."

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