Star Wars: Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm Release Message to Heroes on the Frontline

Mark Hamill is honoring the Star Wars fandom in a vocal way as he and Lucasfilm teamed up to praise those of them who are on the front lines of the ongoing pandemic. Taking to Youtube, Star Wars posted a brief message from Luke Skywalker himself (from home, of course) where Hamill spoke to fans. It was there the actor said he's been inspired greatly by the Star Wars fandoms as so many of its members are working tirelessly as heroes on the front lines.

"We find ourselves facing challenges like we've never seen before. I have to tell you, I'm finding so much inspiration in the compassionate, courageous, and selfless fans in our Star Wars family," Hamill shared. "So many of you have stepped up to help, especially those on the front line who face new and dangerous risks every day."

In this tribute, which can be watched above, Hamill is seen speaking about several mega-fans who have hung up their lightsabers for scalpels and stethoscopes during the pandemic. To start, Hamill spoke at length about a Chinese doctor who has gone to extreme lengths to uphold his Stormtrooper brothers by working in his hospital for two months straight.

star wars heroes frontline
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

"[Fans] such as Huang Bin, a 501st Member and respiratory doctor, in Hangzhou, China who often limits himself to just a few hours of rest every hours, voluntarily staying at the hospital for two months without ever seeing his family," Hamill said.


Other heroes like Teagan Janet Walmsley and Sarah Cosman received love from Hamill, but they were not alone. Dozens of photos were shown in the tribute which credited Star Wars fans for their impressive work on the front lines. Hamill goes on to say there are few better people in the world to inspire hope in others than Star Wars fans, and I believe the world would agree with Hamill when he tells front line heroes may the force be with them.

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