Sucker Punch Star Says "Each Scene" Could be Extended 10 Minutes

Talk of an extended cut of Zack Snyder's 2011 film Sucker Punch has gained major steam in recent months, especially after his four-hour version of Justice League was finally revealed to the world in March. Several members of the cast of the movie, which remains the lowest grossing movie of his career, have come out in support of an extended version of Sucker Punch and now actress Jamie Chung is throwing her weight behind it too. Speaking in a new interview, Chung was asked by The Hollywood Reporter what a director's cut of Sucker Punch would look like, she replied:

"Oh man. I do know that if Zack had it his way, it wouldn't be such fictional monstrous characters," Chung, who played the part of "Amber," replied.["The theatrical cut] is PG-13, but it feels like such an R-rated movie. And I think that's one of the reasons why they altered the story. It's been so long, but there would've been a lot more detail. Each scene would've been extended by 10 minutes. (Laughs.) We shot the hell out of that movie, and it was so fun. My character was the pilot, but I do know that the fighting sequences were much longer. Gosh, it felt like we trained so long for them. That whole experience in itself was six months, so there's got to be more out there."

On a related note, Chung confirmed to the outlet that she's already recorded her dialogue for Twilight of the Gods, the new Norse mythology series from Snyder in the works for Netflix.

"I was so honored that he would reach out and hire me for this because it's nothing like I've ever done before," she added. "And it was really fun to go very dark for this role. What a delight. And animation has no limits, right? So it's really fun to see his interpretation of this character. I cannot wait to see the final product after they explained how the visuals of this show are going to be made. So it was very fun, and I have finished recording all of my scenes and episodes."

Sucker Punch, Snyder's first wholly original feature based on a screenplay he co-wrote with Steve Shibuya, followed a young woman named Babydoll (Emily Browning) who is committed to a mental institution but enters a fantasy world that she creates to cope with her reality. Teaming up with the other patients in the asylum they go through the stages of attempting a break out but done through the hyper-stylized lens of fighting through the likes of feudal Japan and a steampunk World War I.


Upon its release the film was a critical and commercial failure, but like so many other movies that had that response upon its debut has built up a cult audience (many stemming from their love of Snyder's ouvre as a whole). The director's cut of Sucker Punch that Snyder recently revealed in one of this many recent interviews would mark the second alternate version of the movie however with an R-rated extended cut previously released on home media which added 18 minutes to the film.