Zack Snyder's Justice League Trailer Shows Off More Shots of Black Suit Superman

At JusticeCon last month, Zack Snyder confirmed Henry Cavill's Superman would be donning the iconic black suit in his take on the movie. Now the trailer for the director's cut has been released, fans of Snyder and Supes alike have been treated to even more shots of the suit, including an epic shot as he walks down the hall of what appears to be an otherworldly ship or building. If you haven't seen the Snyder Cut trailer — and the associated Superman shots — you can see the full trailer above.

During his JusticeCon spotlight, Snyder confirmed the black suit is entirely CGI after Warner Brothers executives at the time denied the filmmaker's requests to go with the dark suit.

"Yeah, exactly," Snyder said in regards to the color correction. "At the time, the studio said there was no chance because I was arguing for the black suit the entire time and they were like, 'We don't think it's a good idea.'"

The filmmaker added, "I'd say, 'What do you mean?' We would always about...eventually we were like 'Fine. Don't worry about it, we're good.' We said we'll shoot the suit the way it was, but we had done little adjustments to the suit that would make it a little easier to dial it and contrast it a little more because we had done some experiments in Photoshop, so we knew how to do it. We had done a bunch of private experiments to make sure we could switch it on the 'DL' since frankly, they just weren't into it. I thought from the beginning it was a great idea because it was the correct evolution for him when he rose from the dead, he'd have the black suit. It just made sense."

Now that we know Zack Snyder's Justice League is going to be a four-part limited series, the project will have plenty of time to focus on the members of the Justice League.

"When I see Superman having to figure out what to do, I now can go like, 'Wow, if I was Superman...' Superman is such an abstract character, in his powers and what he's able to do. Anytime you can bring him back down to Earth, he becomes a lot more relatable, and for that he's more interesting,” he added. “A huge respect for his moral code, and I think his ultimate place as the top of the pyramid of the DC superhero world. In the end he has to achieve that pinnacle."


Zack Snyder's Justice League is currently set for release next year.

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