Star Trek Movies Find New Streaming Home

The first 10 Star Trek movies move to Max.

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It was nice having all the Star Trek movies in one place while it lasted. For a time, all 13 Star Trek movies lived on Paramount+. Now, the first 10 Star Trek movies have migrated to Max. The Kelvin Timeline Star Trek movies, featuring the reboot cast led by Chris Pine, remain on Paramount+. Some may find it frustrating having to relocate the Star Trek movies, but these jumps from service to service have been standard practice for the films. The first 10 Star Trek movies tend to move together, while the trio of Kelvin Timeline films function as a separate unit.

One sure way to circumvent these streaming shenanigans is by procuring physical media. Unfortunately, Blu-rays and DVDs are disappearing from retail shelves. Despite that, Paramount has recently remastered the six Star Trek: The Original Series movies and made them available in 4k Ultra High Definition. The Star Trek: The Next Generation movies got the same treatment in 2023. Paramount released the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline Trilogy onto 4k Blu-ray in 2019.

Where to stream the Star Trek movies?

The first 10 Star Trek movies are streaming now on Max. That includes the six films featuring the Star Trek: The Original Series cast:

The Star Trek: The Next Generation movies are also streaming on Max. Those films are:

The Kelvin Timeline films, featuring Chris Pine as Kirk and the rest of the reboot cast, are still on Paramount+. Those films are:

Why the original Star Trek films are still beloved spoke to Rod Roddenberry, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's son and Roddenberry Entertainment's CEO, in 2021 about the original Star Trek movies ahead of their 4k release, focusing on the three that form the "Genesis Trilogy." He said, "I don't know if this is what you're expecting, but I think the original series did a great job of showing a crew that was a family, but it still was a Kirk, Spock, and DeForest Kelley, and Bones with, I hate to call them supporting cast, but almost supporting cast with the show, George and Walter."

Roddenberry continued, "The movies brought that family together. The movies gave life, and purpose, and cohesion to all of those characters, and you get to see them interact more and come together and work together, not just as a crew, but as a group of people who loved each other and cared for one another. And I think, as you just said, II, III, and IV, and of course the first one, but II, III, and IV really did a phenomenal job of dealing with that. And how they dealt with the loss of Spock. And then he comes back, but how does he now fit back into the family? I think you nail it with that question. And I think that is a great sort of a three-part version of Star Trek, which just shows the love between them."

What is the future of the Star Trek movies?

Paramount scheduled Star Trek 4 for release in 2023 but removed the project from the release schedule after losing director Matt Shakman to Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot. There were other Star Trek film projects in development as well, including Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek movie and a Star Trek movie by Noah Hawley. Paramount has backed away from both projects

Meanwhile, Paramount+ is getting into the film side of the Star Trek franchise with the upcoming Paramount+ Original Star Trek: Section 31 movie, starring Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh. Star Trek: Section 31 begins production this month.