Star Wars: Andor Star Diego Luna Says the Series Will Challenge What You Know About Rogue One

Star Wars Andor star Diego Luna says that the Disney+ series is going to challenge some viewers. Those who think they know everything there is to know about Rogue One will have some surprises in store when the show gets rolling. Luna spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a new chapter in Lucasfilm storytelling and how this project differs from some of the more normalized stories in the franchise's history. It's no secret that there are some dedicated fans of Rogue One out there. (With the movie back in theaters recently, that love for the spinoff is palpable.) With all of that said, there are some assumptions that come into play with Star Wars. People expect Jedis, Sith, and bounty hunters. But, Rogue One played with some of those expectations as fans walked into theaters. Viewers readying themselves for Andor should expect some similar experiences when they boot up Disney+ to watch. Check out what Luna had to say right here.

"In fact, we're going to challenge every idea you have, or every answer you came up with, for why or how things happened and why this character did what he did," Luna explained to the outlet. "Everyone who watched Rogue One thinks they have the answer. So we're going to challenge that, and we're going to come to you and say, 'No, listen, things were not the way you imagined. They were this way. This had to happen for someone to become the person you know.'"

In a previous interview with ScreenRant, the actor also talked up the grounded nature of Andor. This isn't palaces, or Jedi intrigue. Andor at its core is Star Wars at the street level and a lot of people have been waiting for just that.

"What I would say is that Andor is the most grounded Star Wars you'll get. This is about the people. There's no Jedi around, and it's very dark times in the galaxy," Luna revealed. "It's when the people have to come together, articulate a response, and work in communities because the Empire is growing and control is everywhere. People have been marginalized, and there's no freedom. You have these communities having to react."

He mentioned, "It's the most human that the experience of Star Wars can get. This Star Wars is about regular people like you and me, and I think that connection is going to be special. It's the most realistic -- if you can say realistic, because obviously, they live in a galaxy far, far away. But it should feel realistic to you, because we want that proximity. We want you to reflect [on] yourself with these characters on this journey."


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